About GSI Bath Showplace

GSI Bath Showplace is the residential specialty department of Grove Supply, Inc. Grove Supply has been selling plumbing and heating products to the trade since 1948. Our plumbing product expertise expanded to the consumer in 1989 with the opening of our first GSI Showroom in Willow Grove, PA. The showroom offered a place to see, touch and purchase the ever expanding, and sometimes complex, offerings in bathroom products. Today we have 15 contractor/parts counter locations and 6 showrooms throughout Southeast PA and the Southern New Jersey areas. Our showplace showrooms are dedicated to providing a location to visualize the many fixtures and faucets in the plumbing industry, highlighting the extensive ideas and options available for your home bathrooms. The box stores don't have the numerous and unique vendor offerings, the design and quality of our vendor's products, or the dedicated expertise to pull it altogether for one of the most important rooms in your house.


We take pride in welcoming the public to visit our showroom and, unlike some of our competition, an appointment is not necessary to talk to one of our associates. We offer convenient hours of operation—with most locations open on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. The professional staff is available to guide home owners in the selection of products that address their needs. We are here to help you create a functional and beautiful bathroom. Rest assured that there will be no sales pressure and we will encourage you to browse freely during your visit to our stores. Stop by for some potential ideas for your bath project, or bring your own ideas and we can change your concept into a reality.


How To Prepare For Your Visit

If you are reading this, you are already taking the first step to getting your bath project moving in the right direction. Our website (insert link) is a great tool to acquaint you with our many vendors or create a wish list on our site. You can email, print or call us with the user ID and we can review your selections to assure compatibility with your application. When we review your selections with you, our experienced staff can recommend alternatives that can get you closer to your desired results if necessary. We will also fill in the missing gaps if you couldn't find something, or items that may have been overlooked.

If you have architectural plans or drawings with measurements of your room(s), please remember to bring them. If you are remodeling, please take overall measurements of the project area and the fixtures sizes (e.g. vanity, tops, shower, tub-- include depth, width & height) that are presently in place. It is very helpful to take pictures of your room, from many angles, so our staff can better determine what needs to be considered when selecting a replacement product. Once we narrow down your choices, we can then create a quote for you on the cost of your selections. We will be happy to work with you to find products that meet your budget without sacrificing quality.


We highly recommend a licensed contractor install your GSI purchases, as they generally have the experience and the required tools for proper and trouble free installations. However, you do not need to have a contractor to begin the idea phase of your project. In fact, having your selections specified before hiring a contractor can give you a better estimate of the cost of the entire job. It can also reduce surprise add on charges such as structural, plumbing and electrical requirements that will be necessary to make your specific selections work as intended. Be prepared to allow yourself and hour or more when doing a full bathroom makeover. So many people are surprised by the multitude of details and considerations that are required when doing a bath project for the first time. In addition to the endless styles and finishes to review, we can discuss new options that exist for practical and functional use of your new room.

Once you decide on your final product choices, you will receive a quote sheet of your product selections. The prices are good for 30 days, regardless if manufacturer prices increase. You can share this with your contractors so they can confirm that the selections will work in your situation, along with any other costs necessary to install your products. If necessary, we can supply you or your contractor with the specific specs, if available from the manufacturer, on your selections for a fee of 2% of your quote total. This fee can later be applied as a credit toward the purchase with Grove Supply, Inc. when ordering a minimum 50% of the value of the quoted material.


Once you have reviewed and confirmed your selections, we order your material with a 50% deposit (all major credit cards accepted). Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the bulk of material ordered to be shipped to our warehouse. After your order is delivered, our sales associate will notify you by phone or email that your order is ready for pick up, or we can schedule our free local "curbside" delivery. Since a bath project can entail some complexity and a variety of vendors to create your desired room, please be prepared to inspect your order within 24 hours of delivery for any damage, incorrect or missing items. You should allow time for such an inspection, and if needed, allow for time required to ship a replacement to you when needed for install. Please note any returned items for reasons other than defect or error are subject to the return policies of our vendors and/or our own company policies.


Grove Supply, Inc. works closely with our customers to help resolve matters quickly as covered under a manufacturer's product warranty policy. Grove Supply, Inc. is proud of the vendors it represents and holds them to high standards of quality and service, so both our reputations remain in good standing. It should be noted that Grove Supply, Inc. does not offer any product warranty. Expenses such as labor and any other charges incurred as a result of delay, incorrect, and/or defective product are not covered by Grove Supply, Inc. and may also not be a covered under most industry product warranty policies. More detailed written explanation of our policy (or a vendor's policies) can be requested from us or from our manufacture's website.